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Watch the Kick-off Presentation of the Tribal Alliance for Pollinators 2019 Webinar Series !

Our special guest Jeremy Pinto, Research Plant Physiologist and Director of the Intertribal Nursery Council, gave an insightful and fascinating presentation on:  

Propagating Native Plants for Restoration Using Western Science and Traditional Knowledge

Native people have been stewards of the landscape since time immemorial. This includes propagation of native plants, although considered in a different context in which we think about today. While Native people have been growing many types of plants for years, the objectives for native plant propagation have changed. Ecosystem disturbances have changed in type and frequency creating unique challenges for restoration in general. When adding cultural plant use into this equation, restoration becomes even more challenging. 

Tribes are managing forests and reservation areas for multiple uses, but non-Native management systems have frequently conflicted with traditional values and knowledge systems.  At the same time, science and theoretical concepts for land management have also largely ignored traditional knowledge for tribal land management practices. Fortunately, an old silvicultural conceptual model for producing target reforestation seedlings has allowed us to build-in flexibility for tribes to produce plants while integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge. This presentation will cover a brief history of this approach and include some ongoing examples of successful integration of the topic.

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TAP Webinar Series 2019

Jeremy Pinto:  Propagating Native Plants for Restoration Using Western Science and Traditional Knowledge

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